To purchase,  commission, or repair a ship model, please email Ed at


Purchasing a Model:  All models are individually built on a commission basis.  Depending on the size and complexity of the model, it can take as little as eight weeks or as long as several years to make a quality ship model. Pricing generally follows the length of time it takes to build the model. Guidance will be provided as to choices that must be made.  These involve questions regarding the ship type, size, finish, display location, historical interest, etc.  Most of this is covered in the  Ships and Their Models pages. After these choices have been made, a price and delivery date can be determined. After that, you will be able to follow the building process on the Workshop page for your model.

Commissioning a Drawing or Painting of  Your Ship Model:   A drawing or painting of a model you own or of a model that will be built for you can be commissioned.  Contact Ed to discuss the details.

Restoration Services: Restoration services are also available.  Simple restorations, such as repairing simple breaks in masts or fittings, can be performed right in your home. More complex restorations, involving the restoration of finishes or complex fractures, will require the relocation of the model to Ed’s studio in Vero Beach, Fl.

Borrowing a Ship Model: Ed’s ship models are available on a loan basis for display in corporate lobbies, museums, and libraries. Ed also provides multimedia presentations and lectures on the topic of America’s Revolutionary War at Sea to library, school, cruise ships, and community groups.  Presentations and lectures are made to be fun, in conjunction with ship models, videos, and age-appropriate games.




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